A Complete Growth of Most Popular Movie-Themed Slots

Branded slots are now quite trendy in the world of online gambling. It appears that players are bored with conventional online slots motifs, and gaming developers have discovered that recognizable brands make great replacements. Movie-themed slots are a few of the most popular branded games, based on a broad assortment of both old and new movies. The Dark Knight is the newest movie-themed slots game to hit the internet casino market. It was instantly well-received by players. It looks like the time of the game’s launch was perfect, because it coincided with the launch of Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight Rises movie.

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The slots game is based on the second movie in the Dark Knight series, featuring characters such as Harvey Dent, the Joker and Commissioner Gordon. Graphics are taken straight from the movie, giving the game a very realistic appearance. The Dark Knight slot online also gained a whole lot of attention because Microgaming connected the match to the Mega Molar progressive jackpot community. Over the course of the last year, it was awarded the top prize twice.

The Lord of the Rings has been just another popular movie-branded slots game from Microgaming. Unfortunately, legal disputes involving the Tolkien Estate and Warner Bros Studios forced the game to be pulled from the online casino industry. Throughout its period in the online gambling world, it was quite common. Having a Mega Molar jackpot and cinematic images, Lord of the Rings slots was a massive hit among slots players and lovers of the fantasy series.

From the land-based casino world, another version of Lord of the Rings slots still exists. Developed by WMS Gaming, it is also a progressive jackpot game. Lately, it awarded a generous jackpot worth more than 7 million, and continues to attract a lot of positive attention from gamers in physical casinos. This Edition of the Lord of the Rings slots has yet to be influenced by Warner Bros’ legal issues.

One of the business’s most successful branded games is Scarface, based on the classic gangster film starring Al Pacing. The game features an interesting bonus set that emulates the last shootout in the movie. Players assume the role of Tony Montana as they take down enemies and earn cash prizes.  It is one of the more interactive bonus games on the market, and is the main reason that Internet Entertainment’s Scarface slots game has become so profitable. Nearly every online casino programmer has produced movie-themed slots. From science fiction movies to blockbuster action films, film-based slots cover a wide assortment of genres and eras.